Solar Stirling Plant

The product comes as a downloadable

ebook including fully illustrated

instructions for building a Solar Stirling Plant

The product claims to show you how to build a fully functioning 
electricity generator, utilizing the power of the sun (see below for a full 
rundown of how the Stirling technology works). According to the producers,
 this will provide up to 12 times as much power as standard 
photovoltaic (PV) solar panels at a fraction of the cost. 

The price of the product is certainly much less expensive than having a 
solar panel built. PV solar panels can cost up to $30,000 for a standard home 
and it usually takes a number of years before savings can be made. 
In contrast the Solar Stirling Plant offers an alternative that can apparently be 
built for less than $100 (while not unrealistic for those with know-how and 
access to the right tools, typically, other products of this nature 
recommend a budget of around $200).

The reviews of this product were generally favorable,
 with most people saying that they were able to build one of the 
products within a few days and bought the necessary materials from their 
local hardware store. According to the company anyone can build this 
product and I didnt see anyone disagreeing with that. 

The makers claim that you can use the product to generate 40 percent of 
your households energy usage. Although difficult to confirm because power usage 
varies over the course of the year, one reviewer has a pre-existing solar panel, 
which offers a side-by-side comparison. He estimated that his 
new plant was generating 7 times as much electricity. 

Whether you can generate enough power to cover 40 60 percent of your
homes energy needs is hard to know, although the investment 
required is relatively low and you should be able to make savings.

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